newgrounds users I've fucked and some details about their dicks

2007-10-24 17:01:54 by PirateSprite

trixareforchumps: poly-o string cheese comes to mind since no matter how errect he was it still flopped all over the place however peeling his foreskin did not make his dick come apart and therefore it was not fun to eat so 1/10

skiek_sprite: has a nice lavander hue I immediatley thought that the rugged texture might proove troublesome but my worries were quickly cleared by the great fuck courtasey of his penis speaking of clear he has a really low sperm count 5/10

chachingy: the piercing prooved hard to swallow but he claimed his strong point was in anal and I was quick to agree wow! what a good fuck 7/10

meatwad sprite: wow he really has a meat-wad it was so big i almost choked and when he came in my throat goddamn i nearly drowned 8/10

kilit666: small and curvy he kept calling it "captain hook" and that he wanted to catch my peter pan and that wierded me out 2/10

zombie_sprite: pubes & penis have nice upkeep they arent really an eyesore until he shows you all about his eyesocket fetish and after that he let me braid his ass hair i thought that was polite 9/10

taco_sprite: penis looks like a mushroom but is chewy anal sex feels like shoving a flashlight up your ass 6/10

LOL IM KEWL: penis doesnt have stayying power initial insertion is great but he only lasts 10 secs and it takes him an hour to start round two 3/10

illwillpress: really small it didnt feel like getting fucked but rather an ass itch not to mention he lasted a good 15 minutes 0/10


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2007-10-24 19:59:34

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Obey your master.
Master of Puppets, that is.